Agriculture 4.0

Invest in the digital transformation of your company

RestartLand aims at the complete digitalization of agricultural activities starting from the tools of Agriculture 4.0. In order to provide support to farms wishing to access the funding, made available by the National Transition Plan 4.0, and to the innovative tools of Agriculture 4.0, RestartLand proposes the Standard Agriculture 4.0 solution.

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Agricoltura 4.0

Invest in RestartLand

Transition Plan 4.0

The subsidies of the Transition Plan 4.0 guarantee you financial support of up to 50% of the investment.

Transform your farm

We help digitize farmsand support farmers to work through innovative technologies and certified procedures.

Innovative technologies

Drones, clouds, soil mapping, yield analysis and crop protocols. Agriculture 4.0 makes your farm more sustainable.

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What we offer

The RestartLand offer consists of a package containing a complete supply of tangible and intangible components as well as technical and administrative consultancy services for the start-up and management of the Agriculture 4.0 facilitation practice.

Supply services

  • DSS software from Bluleaf
  • Field sensor supply
  • Components for the automation of the fertigation process
  • Installation, maintenance and support services


Procedures assistance

  • Preliminary and executive planning
  • Administrative procedures Agriculture 4.0
  • Agriculture 4.0 testing and technical expertise
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Bluleaf DSS Software

Bluleaf Software license ( up to 10/20/50/100 sites for data management / processing and decision support and including modules:
METEO, for the consultation of the measured weather data (from the company weather station) and forecast data (Meteoblue service);
IRRIGATION, to support irrigation by calculating the water balance and consulting the field sensors;
FERTILIZATION, to support business fertilization planning;
DEFENSE, for the consultation of forecast models (where available) and support for phytosanitary on field monitoring;
COMPANY MANAGEMENT, for the management of the field register (field book);
QUALITY’, for the management of qualitative monitoring data in the field;
MAPS / GIS, , for access to polygon configuration tools and points of interest and consultation of satellite indexes.

Field sensor supply

DSS hardware system for weather / soil monitoring, consisting of:

  • Meteosense unit complete with sensors for micro-climatic monitoring on farms. The sensors provided are: thermohygrometer, anemometer, rain gauge, barometer, leaf wetness, solar radiation.
  • Annual service with multi-operator SIM card for MeteoSense systems used as
    weather station and gateway to IoT systems.
  • IoT
      • IoT wireless receiver option for base unit. Allows the use of IoT wireless units with Meteosense units.
      • Soil IoT unit for site-specific measurement, equipped with two WC (Water Content) sensors for measuring soil moisture and temperature at two depths

    Soil + weather IoT unit configured as the previous one with the addition of an R / H sensor and a leaf wetness sensor

Components for the automation of the fertigation process

For the automation system, we refer to components and technologies supplied by the Irritec company.

The benefits

More efficient and sustainable production

Increased knowledge for farmers

Decrease in production costs

Environmental sustainability

Time reduction

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