Sustainable Forest Management

The fight against climate change and new job opportunities

RestartLand promotes, by supporting companies and individual entrepreneurs, all the management, design and planning of silvicultural activities.

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Next Future

RestartLand for urban and suburban forestation

As part of the Ecological Transition, RestartLand aims at securing and safeguarding the Italian territory through the promotion of urban and suburban forestry activities.

The project aims to fight climate change and save many species from extinction by restoring the ecosystems.

The “restoration process” includes actions such as rewilding, including making areas wilder, planting trees, greening cities, building green infrastructure and eliminating pollution.

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These are the operations provided by RestartLand

Identification and delimitation of unused rural areas
Planning and design forestry activities
Operation execution
Maintenance and management of the area

Beyond these interventions, RestartLand will provide a digital platform to provide technical support to companies and support the development and management of forestry-related projects.


Sustainable management

Promote Sustainable Forest Management and the multifunctional role of forests, to guarantee the constant supply of ecosystem services.

Resource efficiency

Improve the efficiency of the use of resources, promoting the expansion of forests in urban and suburban contexts, improving well-being and environmental quality.

Responsibilities and knowledge

Monitor and develop multidisciplinary knowledge and global responsibility in forest protection, through scientific research, technical assistance and professional training.

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A good forest management

To obtain the certification of a forest, the 10 Principles and 56 Criteria of good a forest management must be respected. They must be adapted to local conditions, according to the diversity existing between forests in different countries and regions of the world.

To achieve certification, all the ways in which the forest area is managed must be evaluated: from the early stages of planning the interventions, to the operational phases in the field, up to the felling and extraction of the wood.

Biodiversity strategy 2030

The EU Biodiversity Strategy 2030 is a comprehensive and ambitious long-term plan to protect nature and reverse ecosystem degradation.

The strategy aims to put European biodiversity on the road to recovery by 2030 and contains specific actions and commitments. This is the EU’s proposal to contribute to the forthcoming international negotiations on the post-2020 global biodiversity framework.

Case Study

The N.O.W Project wants to propose the redevelopment of the area of the quarry of inert materials in Gemma d’Arrigo, Contrada Murgecchia, Noci (BA) in order to obtain a structure / complex of multifunctional structures for the correct management, planning and implementation of afforestation / reforestation of marginal areas and metropolitan, urban and peri-urban areas of the country.

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The Benefits

Project N.O.W.


Air quality improvement

Improvement of rainwater quality, providing food and protection to plants and animals

Enhancing biodiversity


Use of woody material for manufacturing

Recycling and disposal of waste materials for energy purposes (e.g. biomass)

Our services

Project N.O.W.

Platform for monitoring and diagnosing phenomena that impact the sustainability of the forest ecosystem (plant diseases, soil, water and air contamination)

Integrated tracking systems

Forest management sustainability certification system, based on the actual measurement of the degree of exploitation of soils, air quality and the use of contaminating substances

Support system for the management / maintenance of natural forests with digital technologies, capable of increasing the provision of ecosystem services, especially with reference to the reduction of greenhouse gases and CO2 removal

Development of the “knowledge on field” based on technological and plant solutions, that make it possible selecting, through collaboration with Universities and Research Centers, the best technologies available through continuous experimentation within the area

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